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Fitra Journal is written by Muslim homeschoolers across the globe for Muslim homeschoolers across the globe. Please share your homeschooling stories, advice and relevant reviews with us!

Some of our regular features include:

I Was Homeschooled!- Stories from the other side, homeschoolers who made it!

My Homeschooling Style- Explanation of what style you are using and why.

Why Do We Do It?- Personal reveals of how you came to homeschooling.

Well-Seasoned Journeys- Stories from homeschooling parents whose children are now adults. Maybe interview a ‘well-seasoned’ homeschooling parent or person you know?

Homeschooling With Disability– How has being a parent or child with disability impacted your homeschooling? Or not?

Resources/Reviews/Our Favorite Things- Lists of our FAVORITES (blogs, books, curriculums, videos, websites, etc.) with about 50 word summaries of exactly why each resource is so fabulous.

These are just a few of the many topics Fitra Journal would like to cover for our readers. Please contact us with your idea for an article at