Thank you so much to Muslim Children’s Literature for this kind and thorough review of Fitra Journal Issue One!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about early childhood education, and specifically, home education. While I have not been blessed to be a mother yet, I am passionate about homeschooling and have been trying to soak up what I can on the subject. While most of the homeschooling literature is targeted towards Christian families, an increasing number of books are being produced for the Muslim homeschooling audience.

One relatively recent addition to the Muslim homeschooling literature is the Fitra Journal: The Muslim Homeschool Quarterly, Volume 1: Getting Started, edited by sister Brooke Benoit. Brooke, the editor for SISTERS magazine, provides readers with a compelling series of accounts of Muslim parents who have homeschooled or are currently homeschooling their children. This book is a great resource for a wide range of audiences, including parents or anyone with an interest in the topic of homeschooling within an Islamic context…

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