The underlining fear behind the “What about socialization???” concern of people who are considering homeschooling is essentially a fear of failure. People think that homeschooled children are cloistered, and aren’t socialized, so then they become weirdos who are incapable of functioning in the world and especially at jobs. Few of us actually know any homeschooled children, other than maybe our own, so even when we do choose to homeschool there is often a continual fear of how the kids will turn out. Of course parents of schooled-children also have these fears, but being surrounded by so many other schooled-people they have more of a (false) sense of security about how their own kids will possibly turn out. One of the aims of Fitra Journal is to demonstrate the many ways homeschooling is done. We also think it’s important to demonstrate some of the results, to introduce you to homeschooled-people, so we include articles and stories about and by The Homeschooled.

In Issue Two of Fitra Journal, budding poet and spoken word artist Faiza Rahhali shares her thoughtful pro’s and con’s list of homeschooling:

I don’t have to wake up early in the morning.
I can study in my pajamas.
I can be with my family 24\7.
I can have my own study time.
I can have midweek sleepovers with other homeschoolers.
I can do stuff in the middle of the day while other kids are in school.
I can advance much faster than kids who go to school do.
I have more time in the day to read, which I have been doing a lot of lately.
I don’t have to be stuck in a stuffy classroom with a bunch of kids.
I have a say in what I want to study.
I don’t get to see my friends everyday like kids in school do.
I can be with my family 24\7.
I have more chores to do.
I get a little lonely when I go to the park during the day.
I sometimes have to do projects alone.

Faiza Rahhali is a homeschooled student who loves writing, crocheting, and learning about history as well as everything about the Victorian Era. She loves reading and watching book-to-movie adaptations and collecting book-themed items

Issue Two of Fitra Journal also features one young women’s story of exploring her options after high school (and ultimately going for all of them!) and another’s story of working with a charitable org. Fitra Journal is available to buy in digital and print through all Amazon’s or right here by us.

*The image with this post is not Faiza, it is a stock image.