One of the aims of Fitra Journal is to reach out to the entire global homeschooling ummah, which we are learning has a far reach masha Allah! Distributing the printed copies is a bit challenging, but using three different distributors it has been possible to reach everyone who so far has wanted a printed copy. The e-book, oddly enough, was a greater challenge to get out there as we were only selling through Amazon. Even I, the editor, couldn’t have read Fitra Journal in digital here in Morocco if I hadn’t brought a Kindle from the US. This hurdle was frustrating us, so we found a way!

Now you can directly buy a copy of Fitra Journal right here, right from us! All you need is a PDF reader on your phone, laptop or any device of your choice. Enjoy!

Click right here to buy Issue One: Getting Started or Issue Two: Homeschooling in the Digital Age

*Printed copies of #1 and #2 are available through our e-store, Amazon, and Book Depository.