Thank you! to all the contributors to the Fitra Journal.

Reyhana Ismail is a UK-based graphic designer who specializes in print design, with a primary focus on books and magazines. She is the Design Director of SISTERS magazine and has her own freelance design firm, Rey of Light. Reyhana enjoys baking, art and travelling with her two kids, and is also a keen swimmer.

Chantal Blake is a writer and unschooling mom of two from New York City. She has lived with her family in different countries since 2008 and archives her stories and adventures at WayfaringGreenSoul.

Sadaf Farooqi is an author, blogger and freelance writer based in Karachi, Pakistan, who has been homeschooling her children since 2010. She has two daughters and a son. To date, Sadaf has authored over 300 original articles, most of which can be accessed on her blog, “Sadaf’s Space“. After her first non-fiction book on Muslim marriage was published by IIPH, she started self-publishing her past articles as non-fiction Islamic books, which are all available on Amazon and Kindle.

Saira Siddiqui is a freelance writer/online instructor currently pursuing a doctorate in Social Education from the University of Houston. Prior to having children she taught for several years in the public and private sector. When she is not writing for others she enjoys writing for her own blog, Confessions of a Muslim Mommaholic. She currently lives in Texas with her husband and three never-been-schooled children. coamm

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is the Head Teacher of Islamic Online University, a BAIS graduate, Radio Presenter, founder of Islamic Self Help, author of multiple e-books and a homeschooling dad. His work can be found on

Priscilla Martínez is an unschooling mama of 6 for more than 18 years, aromatherapist, herbalist, chickenkeeper, author activist for more than 20 years, and the voice behind Salam Mama.

Sherrie (aka Umm Ibrahim Samirah) runs the blog TJ Homeschooling (formerly known as Talibiddeen Jr.) She’s a homeschooling stay-at-home mom/stepmom of 10. She has been homeschooling since 1998 and has been sharing online resources and printables for homeschooling, as well as for the home and family, since 2002!

Jamila Alqarnain, a native of Buffalo, New York and a 2nd generation Muslim. Jamila has been a homeschooling mom since 2000. She is also a wife, blogger and entrepreneur. She has teamed up with her sister and co-founded Noon Publications. In 2005, she published her first book, The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling.

Karima Heraoua is a homeschooling mum of three from the UK. She enjoys spending time with her family and doing anything craft related which she loves sharing on her blog

Khalida Haque is a qualified and experienced counselling psychotherapist who has a private practice, is a clinical supervisor, group facilitator, freelance writer and counselling services manager as well as founder and managing director of Khair She is a mother of three with an on-off homeschooling tendency, having been guided by her and her children’s needs.

Zakiya Mahomed-Kalla is an education enthusiast, and an aspiring linguist. She tutors Economics for the University of South Africa, and Arabic for the love of it. Some of her writing is currently on

AzraAzra Momin paints, draws pictures for children’s stories, and makes textile art and jewelry, not necessarily in that order. She runs process art workshops and is creating an illustrated book about tea. Her favorite time is time spent with her favorite people – her husband and unschooled daughter. Azra enjoys reading mystery novels, and dreams about living in an earth ship. She lives by her motto: No Ordinary Day.
See more of her work at and reach her at for commissions and collaborations.

Klaudia Khan is a Muslim mum and writer living in Yorkshire, UK. She has three homeschooled daughters and loves to learn, create and play with them.

Asma Ali is an avid reader, writer and dreamer who currently resides in KSA where she part-time homeschools her sons. She also writes for Little Explorers, an Islamic magazine for children.

Angeliqua Rahhali is an artist, home-educator, counselor, cultural anthropologist, writer and explorer. She loves learning and can often be found researching everything, from how things are made and where they come from, to the next destination she wants to learn about and culture to embrace. She loves reading, playing brain games and experimenting with fusions of flavors in her kitchen.

Omaira Alam is a mum of The Jibbers (7) and ZanyBaby (2) and has been actively homeschooling for five years with her husband, Josh IMG_0686aHerald. She is the Program Director for the Islamic Teacher Education Program (ITEP), an online certificate program and a program of Razi Education. She also helps Islamic schools develop a viable whole-community behaviour management model in partnership with Islamic Education Consultants in Australia, called Dignified Way. She holds undergraduate degrees in neuroscience, world history and global education from the University of Toronto. She completed her masters in Special Education focusing on at-risk students with learning and emotional disabilities from the George Washington University, and has almost 20 years of experience in education in diverse settings, and at various levels. As a regular columnist for the Arizona Muslim Voice, she also shares her musings about education on her blog,
After having traveled for several years, Sumaia b. Michel has settled with her two children and three step-children in Egypt. Having homeschooled all of her children, she started her homeschooling consultancy Kenzy Unlimited. Besides consultancies, she writes Islamic and non-Islamic after school programs and homeschool curricula. Always on the lookout to make learning fun, she often organises educational activities for her children as well others’.

Samar Asamoah is an African Caribbean revert and self-employed single mum raising multicultural kids in the north of England. Her artwork and Eid cards for Syria are available through her Etsy shop Yezarck.

Ann Lambert Stock lives back and forth between Cairo and Jeddah with her Egyptian husband. She is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to SISTERS magazine and is working on a four-part caliph series with Learning Roots to be released in the summer of 2016. You can follow her at Musings of a Muslimah

Brooke Benoit is running her own private Sudbury-like school with her seven children on the southern coast of Morocco. She is an editor for SISTERS magazine, the founder of Fitra Journal and a writing workshop facilitator.